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River rocks are known for being one of the most low-maintenance landscaping materials. Being able to skip mowing, watering, and fertilizing frees up your time, and you’ll save money on lawn care once you switch over to rock beds. However, any type of landscaping design requires some routine maintenance, since nature will cause river rocks to accumulate debris and move out of place. Following a few simple maintenance routines can keep your new landscaping design looking beautiful throughout every season.

Choose a Weed Prevention or Removal Method

Rock beds tend to develop fewer weed issues compared to grass lawns, mostly because putting down landscaping fabric can prevent unwanted plant growth. Still, you might occasionally find a few weeds popping up, especially if the sublayers begin to show signs of age. Manual removal works well for one or two weeds. Alternatively, you can use a preemergent weed spray to stop growth before the plants make their way out of the ground.

Use a Rake or Leaf Blower to Remove Surface Debris

During the fall season or after a storm, you might notice leaves falling on top of the rocks. You can opt to rake them off the surface, or a leaf blower also works well for blowing away light twigs and leaves to areas where they aren’t as noticeable. If leaves are a major problem on your property, you might also want to keep tree limbs trimmed away from the rock beds. Using gutter guards on the roof system of your home or commercial building can also prevent leaves from falling on rocks that surround your property.

Spray Down the River Rocks

Hosing down river rocks gives them a beautiful sheen, and you may have already noticed how some rocks take on a darker hue when water from sprinklers hits their surface. You can use a normal outdoor hose to spray dirt and light debris off polished black river rock, or you might want to use a pressure washer for removing larger amounts of dirt.

Remove Stubborn Stains

Most of the time, a simple spray with a hose will be all you need to clean the rocks. However, you may need to use a brush and mild detergent to remove mildew or other types of stains. White pebbles may need a bleaching solution to restore their former color if too much time passes between maintenance sessions. If stains are a problem on your property, you can also consider sealing the rocks to make it easier to keep them clean.

Make Sure the Rocks Stay in Their Desired Places

After leaf blowing, spraying, and brushing away debris, you might find the rocks have shifted out of their desired places. Fortunately, you can move the rocks back by either pushing them into place by hand or using a rake. Once you do, inspect the edging around the rock beds to make sure it’s still in good condition. Then step back and admire your handiwork. While it may only take a few minutes, maintaining the rocks in your yard makes a huge difference in your property’s curb appeal.

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