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The RS&P Rock Stone & Pebbles is your one-stop shop for superior landscaping rocks and stones that go above and beyond the basic options. Our customers receive only the highest-quality ornamental stones so they can take pride in their yards. With our landscape stones, you can transform any commercial or residential living space—such as an ordinary back yard—into a luxurious outdoor living environment. Our clients rely on us for cutting-edge patio additions like Mexican beach pebbles and river rocks, as well as other beautiful rocks, stones, and pebbles. We provide the best rock decorations to beautify your landscape. Read More >>

There’s more to RS&P Rock Stone & Pebbles than meets the eye. Our excellent reputation in the landscaping industry and the wide variety of rocks and pebbles we provide, including Mexican beach pebbles & river rocks, is based on our high-quality products and great customer service.

We provide river rocks, which are highly valued for their beauty and versatility and are an extremely popular material for use in a wide variety of residential and commercial settings, from high-rise apartments and contemporary office buildings to airports, luxury resorts, hotels, and hospitals. No matter where you go, you’ll find residential and commercial spaces that feature a variety of rocks and pebbles, including Mexican beach pebbles and river rocks, whether they’re used in large projects—such as walls, driveways, patios, tree circles, or decks—or smaller ones, such as flower beds or planters. And all of these options are readily available at RS&P Rock Stone & Pebbles.

Our river rocks are among the most popular types of decorative rocks because they add a touch of natural, rustic beauty to any space, and you’ll find them in a variety of sizes, from 1 inch to several inches in diameter. These river rocks have been naturally smoothed and rounded by centuries of tumbling along in the always-moving waters found in rivers and streams.

We’ve hand-selected these rocks from the most beautiful rivers in the world, and our smooth, polished river rocks offer long-lasting beauty, excellent drainage, and erosion control in a wide array of applications. Our river rocks are perfect for ground cover, flower beds, and walkways, and they also add a touch of vibrant natural color and brilliance around water gardens, ponds, and swimming pools.

We continue to be a market leader in our field, with a wide array of high-quality products for both commercial and residential applications. Rocks, construction stone, landscape stone, Mexican beach pebbles, and river rocks are all available. Whether you need ornamental landscapes for a project on the other side of the country or dirt and boulders for your home across town, our team of experts will provide exceptional service.

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RS&P Rock Stone & Pebbles is a landscape rock and supply superstore servicing commercial and residential customers since 2016. We specialize in drought-tolerant landscaping and building materials such as river rocks, Mexican beach pebbles, cobble, and more!

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Mexican Beach Pebbles Bring Elegance to Any Space

Mexican beach pebbles are extremely popular because of their timeless quality that’s always in style, and their versatility makes them perfect for creating a unique contemporary look in virtually any indoor or outdoor space. Mexican beach pebbles can be used for an almost endless variety of purposes. They’re the ideal material for ground cover, and they’re particularly well suited for replacing turf and creating landscapes that require little or no irrigation. Homeowners can use these versatile Mexican beach pebbles for a variety of decoration and design, such as placing on pathways and driveways, filling planters, creating beautiful pond accents, constructing stunning dry stream beds, or adding a burst of visual interest to flower beds, decks, patios, and water features of all kinds.

With rounded surfaces worn smooth by pounding surf, Mexican beach pebbles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and muted hues, making them the ideal choice for any type of customized landscape design. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to add subtle depth and rich color to both large and small landscaping projects, Mexican beach pebbles are one of the most versatile ways to introduce a unique touch of modern elegance to any indoor or outdoor space. We carefully select our Mexican beach pebbles from the finest beaches to offer a huge selection of sizes, shapes, and colors.

RS&P Rock Stones & Pebbles - We Go Beyond Your Imagination

Better known as river rock, garden stones, or beach pebbles, cobbles are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors. The difference between cobbles and pebbles is their size: pebbles are generally 2.5 inches or smaller, while cobbles can be 2.5 to 10 inches across. Defined by their rounded shape, cobbles and pebble rocks are used for dry stream beds, ground cover, around plants, as natural dividers, or to visually accent a landscape design. Read More >>

Landscaping with river rocks and beach pebbles will reduce your reliance on water usage during droughts. Using RS&P Rock Stones & Pebbles can help you save money over the long term and reduce maintenance in your yard. Desert landscaping designs and xeriscaping can decrease your water usage by 40-75 percent depending on the amount of pebbles and rocks laid at your home or commercial property. Use beach pebbles and landscape rocks instead of installing grass in your front and backyard.

Beach Pebbles Create Unique Environments

Mother Nature creates beach pebbles slowly over many, many years. Powerful ocean waves wear away the jagged edges of rocks to form and deposit these smooth, rounded pebbles on beaches around the world. Their varying sizes and shapes tell countless unique creation stories, imbuing them with a mysterious, energetic quality that inspires wonder, whether they’re scattered along the seashore, meticulously arranged in patterns carefully designed to accent busy commercial spaces, or lovingly positioned to add character and beauty to a home’s exterior.

Beach pebbles are some of the most elegant and versatile types of decorative materials available, and they’re perfect for a variety of indoor and outdoor projects, from construction and landscaping to adorning patios and decks. Because of their wide variety of sizes and colors, beach pebbles can be used to provide cover for driveways and pathways, add dramatic visual contrast to lawns and plant containers, accent pools and other types of water features, create magical Zen gardens, and even build dry river beds in unique curved patterns.

We offer premier beach pebbles in a wide variety of sizes and colors. With locations on both the East and West Coast, we quickly and efficiently fill orders of all sizes, from single pallets to numerous truckloads, providing the most reliable service in the industry for both commercial and residential customers.

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We work with clients both big and small.

We love what we do and therefore try our best to ensure our customers are always satisfied with our products. If you’re a homeowner, landscape architect, designer, or landscape company, you can count on us for premium products for all your projects.

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Zia went above and beyond to accommodate my design and landscape desires. He added flair to the design and made sure to provide high quality stones. Thank you.

Amy B

Zia was great to work with and has the same pride as I about making sure things are right. My pebbles came in on time and intact. I will definitely give Zia my future business.

David S

Great customer service. I ordered black pebbles, love them!

Florence C

The white Caribbean beach pebbles are beautiful! I looked locally here in New England and online, and finally found what I was looking for at RS&P. Family and friends have commented on how pretty the stone is. Very nice and accommodating people to work with as well. I'll continue to use them for all of my landscaping projects!

George W

Had the best experience dealing with Zia. Such a kind and helpful man. I wanted some smooth, black, shiny pebble rocks and found them here! Shopped around but he had the best prices and service of all places I went to!


I cannot say enough about Zia and this company. We live in Phoenix and in the middle of our front landscaping project our contractor was unable to find enough rocks of the type we wanted in the entire metro area. I started googling an lo and behold Zia answered immediately and every time after that. He ended up shipping us about 15 thousand pounds of stones which we received in a matter of days. Our front yard looks beautiful and we couldn't have accomplished this without you and your company. Do not hesitate to call them.

Christy H