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Better known as river rock, garden stones or beach pebbles, cobbles are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors. The difference between cobbles and pebbles is their size: pebbles are generally 2.5 inches or smaller; cobbles can be 2.5 to 10 inches across. Defined by their rounded shape, cobbles and pebble rocks are used for dry stream beds, ground cover, around plants, as natural dividers or to visually accent a landscape design.

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Rocks Stones Pebbles Logo
Rocks Stones Pebbles Logo

RS&P Rock Stone & Pebbles is a landscape rock and supply superstore servicing commercial and residential customers since 2016. We specialize in drought-tolerant landscaping and building materials such as boulders, cobble, pebbles, crushed rock, flagstone, ledgestone, decomposed granite, custom fountains and more!

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RS&P Rock Stones & Pebbles in your yard to reduce water usage!

Landscaping with river rocks and beach pebbles will reduce your reliance on water usage during years of drought. Using RS&P Rock Stones & Pebbles can help you save money over the long run and reduce maintenance in your yard. Desert landscaping designs and xeriscaping can decrease your water usage by 40-75% depending on the amount of pebbles and rocks laid in your home or commercial property. Use beach pebbles and landscape rocks instead of installing grass lawns in your front and backyard.

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Do not purchase rocks from some random website online. This company, Rock Stones and Pebbles is not only incredibly professional but their product is the real thing, you will be incredibly happy with them. I previously ordered some black rocks from some other company named Margo Garden, those people sent me the wrong size and they were not even black they were dark gray and n polished. These rocks I order from this company on the other hand are beautiful. I ordered the jet black rocks, 2000 pounds of it, and I love them. Even when I did not order enough rocks, the owner was incredibly gracious, he gave me a special price and sent them priority so I will get them as soon as possible. He communicated via text message and email all the time to make sure I got the rocks and that I was happy. He went above and beyond, you can’t go wrong with this company, great product, professional and great price.

Jerilyn M

Zia and the team at RS&P went out of their way to ensure that I had the right rocks at the right price. I'm absolutely certain that I would not be able to find a more competitive price point for these gorgeous rocks. Zia checked in with me frequently and even made a home visit jus to be sure we were satisfied. Well done!

Greg O

I couldn't find anywhere local in northern California that sells Superior rocks like RS&P. No one out there can provide me jet black rocks like RS&P did for a reasonable price. I ordered 3 super sacks which was way more than enough. The quality of the rocks are amazing, and were all the same size as promise. Shipping was fairly fast. RS&P really came through, without them my backyard would not have looked so amazing. I would recommend RS&P to anyone looking to upgrade their backyard with luxury premium rocks.

Quy L

Very very satisfy pebbles. I was surprise by their superior quality. We ordered 3 jet black super sacks for our outdoor landscape project.

Anar E