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RS&P Disclaimer for Natural Stone Products:

As the name implies, natural stone is the result of a natural process. Natural stone is composed of minerals and/or petrified material, and because it’s formed by nature over millions of years, much of its unique beauty is due in large part to the irregularities that occur during its formation. These anomalies include variations in color, texture, veining, striation, and size. Fissures, fractures, and fossils add even more natural “imperfections” that make natural stone one of the most versatile materials available for a wide variety of purposes, from landscaping to interior design.

RS&P is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest-quality natural stone available. Part of our commitment to exceptional service includes helping our customers understand the properties of natural stone so they can make well-informed decisions when they’re choosing from the various types of natural stone we offer.

Before you purchase natural stone, you should be aware that a number of factors can affect the amount and type of weathering and decay your stone may experience. Natural stone can undergo a wide variety of changes, including but not limited to:

  • Flaking and/or Spalling (breaking into smaller pieces) - These result from processes such as freezing and thawing, getting wet and drying, natural thermal expansion, and being exposed to salts in the environment.
  • Polished Pebbles and/or Rocks - Weather and other elements in the environment can cause the polish on pebbles and rocks to wear out. This includes both cold and hot temperatures, wetness and dryness, exposure to natural salts, and more.
  • Oxidation - This process, which causes metal to rust, also occurs in natural stone with iron content, and it’s accelerated when stone containing iron-bearing minerals is saturated with water, causing it to turn yellow or even brown.
  • Dissolution - This occurs when certain minerals in stone are dissolved by water.

We do not offer a warranty of any kind, either express or implied, for any of our natural stone products. This disclaimer of warranty includes, but is not limited to, merchantability, fitness, or suitability of our products for a particular purpose.

By purchasing, installing, and/or using our natural stone products, buyers expressly accept all said products “as is” and “with all faults,” whether or not any “faults” or “imperfections” are immediately apparent, and thereby release RS&P from any and all claims.

All purchases of any of our stone products are nonrefundable, and we do not accept returns or make exchanges on any of our natural stone products.