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Black Mexican Beach Pebbles Decorative Rocks
Category Landscape Rock
Using landscaping stones in your yard could accent your flowers, shrubs, trees, and other plants while protecting your home’s foundation. In addition to having a visual impact, the stones can protect your yard by aiding with drainage. Below are some of the benefits of using landscaping stones for drainage and more.

Reducing Excessive Water Problems

Rainstorms can create puddles in your yard, causing the plants to drown. The excess water could also lead to slippery pathways near your garden, flowerbeds, and other landscaping areas, but using stones to facilitate drainage can help. You no longer have to worry about standing water attracting mosquitoes when you use these stones. The decorative rocks are made to shield your yard from damage and provide other benefits, such as protecting plants from hot and cold temperatures and creating an eye-catching focal point for visitors.

Digging up the Yard

Some people believe digging up their yards is an efficient way to deal with drainage issues. However, this could ruin your hard work and make the excessive water issue worse. By using landscaping stones such as polished black river rock, you can mitigate the problem without affecting your creation. The water will drain more quickly through the decorative rocks. Place different sizes of stones in various areas of the yard that have wet spots. To give your landscape more color and appeal, you can place potted plants on top of the decorative rocks or gravel.

Using Decorative Rocks

If you want a more festive look in your yard than traditional landscaping stones provide, you can use decorative rocks to create almost any design you can imagine. Another issue many homeowners have is runoff. However, using landscaping rocks can prevent the water from going toward your garden or home’s foundation. The stones will be used to create a natural waterway in the yard that can redirect the excessive water to drier areas of the yard. You can choose large, medium-sized, and small decorative rocks of various shapes and colors, from snow white pebbles to large river rocks. The stones can even be matched to other items in your backyard, such as steps and sidewalk pathways.

How It Works

Although landscaping stones aren’t magical, decorative rocks can act as barriers that push rain and other forms of water away from your property’s foundation. Remember that keeping your house’s foundation secure and protected should be one of your top priorities as a homeowner. Another advantage of using landscaping stones for drainage is decorative rocks’ ability to absorb heat from sunlight, providing plants with more protection than materials like mulch. At night, the decorative rocks will radiate the heat and move melted ice and water away from your garden and foundation at a faster pace. Landscaping stones work better when used for drainage against soil slopes in the opposite direction of your home’s foundation.

No matter what kind of landscaping project you’re planning, decorative rocks, stones, and pebbles can add practical value as well as depth, character, and beauty to your creation. Whether you’re looking for the finest Mexican beach pebbles or an assortment of river rock, reach out to the experts at RS&P Rock Stones & Pebbles, a premier decorative rock and supply superstore. To learn how we can help you create the landscape of your dreams, call us today at (866) 380-0580.

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