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Black Mexican Beach Pebbles - Texture in Landscape
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If you gaze at professionally landscaped grounds, certain elements will catch your eye. While exquisite pavers, plants, and colors can flag your attention, textures play a role, too. In landscape design, captivating textures abound. Below are the most attractive ones and how to feature them on your property.

Texture’s Dynamic Effect on Landscape Design

Texture is the look and feel of a surface in your landscape. Using various textures can make your grounds appear fascinating and inviting. You can showcase the textures of flowers, foliage, trees, and landscaping rocks. In a garden, ornaments and furniture can lend texture. Stone veneer panels, with their raised surfaces, make spectacular retaining walls. Polished stones such as snow-white pebbles add finesse to walkways, garden beds, and driveways, defining them beautifully.

Moreover, contrasting textures can expand the look of your grounds. For instance, picture red begonias with a backdrop of tall ornamental grass bordered by black polished pebbles. The combined textures of bold, delicate, and smooth create the illusion of more space. Meanwhile, sunlight and shadows work their magic, giving textures even more character.

Eye-Catching Plant Textures

Below are some standout plant textures and examples of each that can infuse your landscape with pizzazz: 

  • Rippled – Some plants with ruffled leaves have lovely variegation, enhancing their splendor. Colorful specimens are croton, hosta, and caladium.
  • Fuzzy – Hairy plants, such as dusty miller and Irish moss, invite you to touch their leaves. Chenille plants bear red fuzzy pendant flowers. Fountain grass, an easy-care plant, produces hairy purple blooms. The lower petals of a bearded iris are bushy, too.
  • Coarse – Thick irregular surfaces yield this texture. A striking example is tree bark.
  • Spiky – Plants with narrow foliage, serrated edges, and pointed spines can serve as focal points. Prime examples are barrel cactus, agave, yucca, crown of thorns, and holly. Moreover, spiky plants may deter destructive animals.
  • Waxy – On certain plants, the leaves have a protective coating, fostering water retention and hardiness in cold climates. The coating can also shine, boosting visual interest. Shrubs with waxy leaves include Carissa holly and privet. The wax begonia has lustrous leaves and neon flowers.
  • Fine – Leaves are feathery, thin, and wispy, like those on ferns and yarrow.
  • Leathery – Dense foliage has insulation against frigid winds, scorching heat, and dry spells. Examples are laurel and magnolia.

Unique Surfaces of Hardscape Materials

Hardscape materials are non-living firm moveable objects in a landscape. Use them to either provide contrast or enhance certain elements in your design. Below are the attractive textures found on select landscaping stones and stone veneer:

  • Grainy – Pure gold beach pebbles are a warm brown color embellished with a subtle grain. Meanwhile, these beach pebbles have various geometric shapes. Gleaming softly, they evoke a sense of calm and relaxation. Your plants will feel cozy, too.
  • Chiseled – Green jade pebbles are magnificent, displaying sculpted edges and vibrant color. They complement vegetation, garden pools, and fountains. They’re also at home in a decorative rock garden.
  • Smooth – Polished black pebbles are sleek and radiant, with a sophisticated aura. Use them to define garden borders, create paths, or edge a driveway.
  • Mosaic – Decorative rocks are a breathtaking tapestry of color and texture. Each stone is a miniature work of art painted by Mother Nature. Decorative rocks have mottled surfaces in brown and black, some with white accents. These fancy decorative rocks will upgrade any part of your landscape.
  • Fissured – While mixed gold pebbles have a brown color theme, their surfaces are varied. They can be pitted, smooth, grainy, or fissured, yet they’re unified by a brilliant shine. Mixed gold pebbles give class to garden paths, driveways, decorative rock gardens, and planters.
  • Speckled – Mexican and Caribbean beach pebbles are white with fine pitting or speckling. Since the round surfaces reflect light, these stones enhance water features. Additionally, they’ll showcase all types of vegetation while brightening shady areas.
  • Raised – Stone veneer is a thin panel layered with natural stone. The panels can have a brick or basket-weave design, each with raised surfaces. They come in earth tones, including brown, white, black, beige, and charcoal. Or you can choose mixed colors. Stone veneers have multiple applications, such as retaining walls, pillars, water features, and fire pits.

Tips for Using Texture on Your Property

Coarse elements carry the most visual weight. To promote design harmony, feature several textures without letting one type predominate. This way, the effect is soothing and grounding versus distracting.

One way to vary plant textures is by using annuals. Since fine-textured plants are delicate, they look best in groups. Conversely, plants with large foliage command attention and can serve as focal points.

Before adding new plants to your landscape, ensure they’re compatible with the existing ones. In order to thrive, they should all have the same growing requirements. In particular, match them regarding sunlight, water, nutrients, and soil pH.

Landscaping stones conserve soil moisture and discourage weeds. For the most weed control, install large stones, such as 3-inch polished black pebbles.

No matter what size or type of landscaping project you’re planning, you can enhance its character and beauty with a variety of decorative stones. For advice on designing your landscape with decorative rocks and beach pebbles, reach out to the experts at RS&P Rocks Stones & Pebbles, a premier landscape rock and supply superstore. We specialize in drought-tolerant landscaping materials, including a variety of Mexican beach pebble and river rocks. To learn how we can help you enhance the look of your landscape, call us today at (866) 380-0580.

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