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Mexican Beach Pebbles - Decorative Stone Border
Category Landscape Rock
A decorative stone border can add a touch of elegance and charm to your garden or landscape. It can also define the edges of your lawn, flower beds, pathways, or other features. But how do you lay a decorative stone border that looks neat and professional? Here are some steps to guide you through the process.

Choose Your Stones

The first step is to choose the type and size of stones you want to use for your border. There are many options available, such as river rocks, pebbles, flagstones, bricks, and pavers. You can also mix and match different kinds of stones, such as pure gold river rock and snow-white pebbles, for a more varied and natural look. Consider the color, shape, texture, and durability of the stones as well as how they’ll match your existing landscape and style.

Mark Your Border

The next step is to mark the outline of your border with a garden hose, a rope, or spray paint. Make sure the border is straight and even or follows the curves and contours of your landscape. You can use a tape measure, a level, or a string to check the alignment and slope of your border. Adjust the marking as needed until you’re satisfied with the shape and size of your border.

Dig a Trench

Next, dig a trench along the marked border with a shovel or a spade. The trench should be about 4 to 6 inches deep and 6 to 8 inches wide, depending on the size of the stones. You can also use a garden edger or a lawn mower to cut through the grass and make the digging easier. Remove any roots, weeds, or debris from the trench and level the bottom with a rake or a hoe.

Add Landscape Fabric & Gravel

The fourth step is to line the trench with landscape fabric to prevent weeds from growing between the stones. Cut the fabric to fit the trench and secure it with landscape staples or pins. Then fill the trench with gravel or crushed stone to create a base for the border. The gravel should be about 2 to 3 inches deep and cover the entire length and width of the trench. Tamp down the gravel with a hand tamper or a wooden board to make it compact and level.

Lay the Stones

The next step is to lay the stones on top of the gravel base. Start from one end of the border and work your way to the other end, placing the stones as close together as possible. You can use a rubber mallet or a hammer to tap the stones into place and adjust their height and position. Make sure the stones are stable and level with each other as well as the surrounding ground. 

If you’re using small decorative rocks like Mexican beach pebbles for your border, you’ll need to install them in multiple layers so you don’t end up with uncovered areas when the rocks shift over time. Decorative rocks with a diameter of half an inch or less should be placed at a depth of two inches, and if you’re using one- to two-inch rocks, increase the depth to four inches to ensure adequate coverage and minimize movement.

Fill in the Gaps

The last step is to fill in any gaps between the stones with more gravel or sand. This will lock the stones in place and prevent them from shifting or sinking over time. You can also use mulch, soil, or plants to fill in the gaps and create a more natural look. Water the border thoroughly to settle the gravel or sand and remove any air pockets.

If you’re looking for a great way to accent your home’s exterior, creating a border using decorative rocks, stones, or beach pebbles can be an ideal solution. When you’re ready to get started, reach out to the experts at RS&P Rock Stones & Pebbles, a premier provider of river rock, polished black river rock, and a wide variety of decorative stones. To learn how we can help you create the landscape of your dreams, call us today at (866) 380-0770.

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