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The field of landscaping includes several different types of career positions that sound a lot alike, yet they offer very different services. Many people aren’t sure who to call when they need to get their lawns trimmed versus when they want to create a plan for xeriscaping. Whether you’re building a residential or commercial landscape, knowing the difference between a landscaper and a landscape designer tells you what to look for when you’re hiring someone to help with the exterior of your property.

Landscape Designers Create Beautiful Layouts

The key word here is “designer,” which tells you more about what this type of service provider does. A landscape designer could be described as the visionary on a landscaping team. Designers come up with ideas for where to place walking paths and how to set up outdoor kitchens. Their designs may include where to place decorative rocks for garden spaces along with the types of plants to include in landscaping plans. If you’re completely revamping your outdoor space, having a designer help with the project gives you more confidence that you’ll love the results.

Landscapers Provide More Hands-On Services

If a designer is a visionary, then a landscaper is the person who brings the dream to life. Landscapers manage tasks such as putting in trees and laying down the landscaping fabric and walls before placing decorative rocks such as snow-white pebbles on pathways. 

While landscape designers typically have degrees or certificates in their field, landscapers often learn how to perform their duties through hands-on experience. However, many landscapers attend training programs that teach them how to manage larger-scale projects, such as those for commercial businesses. A landscaper might also choose to pursue continuing education to learn more about best practices for providing environmentally friendly services.

Landscapers Often Provide Lawn Care Maintenance

In most cases, a landscape designer’s role in a project is finished once the plans are handed off to the team that will be implementing them. Usually, you won’t need a designer again until you decide to redo the landscaping or add a new feature. 

Landscaping teams may continue to work with you over the upcoming years. They can assist with figuring out why certain plants aren’t thriving, or they may come back every so often to make sure decorative rocks such as polished black river rock you put down stay in place.

Many Companies Offer Both Types of Services

There’s often a lot of overlap between landscape design and landscaping services, which is why you’ll often see that a company will offer both. Many landscapers also know how to design landscapes and can offer insight into where and how you’ll want to set up specific features. Choosing to work with a company that provides both services can help you save time, and you’ll find that communication among the team is smoother and more efficient. 

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