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Beach Pebbles - Landscaping with Stones
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Nearly 50 million households in the United States include dogs, according to some estimates. If you share your living spaces with four-legged friends, you may have concerns about what you can do with landscaping stones. Ideally, you want selections appropriate for anyone regularly using your exterior spaces that also solve some common yard issues associated with dogs. Keep reading for dog-friendly ideas we recommend considering for landscaping with stones.

Pay Attention to Safety First

Safety should be considered first when choosing your landscaping stones if your yard is also enjoyed by dogs. A good place to start safety-wise is to avoid stones that are too small if your dogs have a tendency to nibble on smaller objects. Larger-sized possibilities with landscaping stones include:

• Caribbean or Mexican beach pebble
• White or black polished pebbles
• Mid-sized decorative rocks
• Pure gold pebbles

Place Attractive Stones Around Trees to Discourage Certain Habits

When strategically placed, landscaping stones could deter your dog from using trees for purposes you don’t always appreciate. One way to do this is to place decorative stones around your more sensitive trees. You can then add attractive fencing to further deter unwanted behaviors. Plus, you can always plant perennials or annuals within the stones around your trees to create mini-gardens for extra curb appeal.

Use Landscaping Stones Near Exterior Fences to Discourage Digging

Some dogs have a tendency to dig around exterior fences. If this is something your dogs do and you want to discourage it, landscaping stones can help. In this instance, what you’re doing is putting attractive stones next to your exterior fence. The result can be a visually pleasing, colorful border if you continue with the stones for the entire perimeter of the fence.

Create an Attractive Doggy Play Area

Treat your furry friends to a play area peppered with landscaping stones. Such an area can include toys, dog slides, dog pools, and other fun things your dog might like. With the stones you use here, make sure there’s sufficient drainage. Also, use ones that are smooth enough for paws, such as mexican beach pebbles. If properly compacted, green jade pebbles or other smaller stones could also work well in a doggy play area just as well as larger ones. If you go with more colorful stones or ones limited to the designated doggy play area only, your dog may be naturally attracted to the new play area. This could help you keep other areas in your yard greener and healthier.

Use Landscaping Stones for Common Dog Pathways in Your Yard

Many dogs have predictable tendencies when it comes to pathways they prefer to use in a yard. Instead of attempting to discourage your dog from using preferred pathways, put landscaping stones in such places instead. What this does is create a happy medium by letting your dog stick to paths it likes in a way that doesn’t leave you with bare spots on your grass from the heavy paw traffic. As mentioned above, use smoother stones or beach pebbles that are more paw-friendly for this purpose. 

These tips can help you choose the right dog-friendly decorative rocks for your landscaping project. Whether you’re looking for the finest Mexican beach pebble or gorgeous white pebble rock, landscaping with decorative rocks can be much easier when you reach out to the experts at RS&P Rock Stones & Pebbles, a premier landscape rock and supply superstore. To learn how we can help you create the landscape of your dreams, call us today at (866) 380-0580.

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