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Backyard - Beach Pebbles
Category Landscape Rocks
When it comes to landscaping, the smallest details can make a huge difference in the overall aesthetic of your yard. There’s a huge variety of options when it comes to landscaping with stones, and it can sometimes be overwhelming to decide which direction to take your project in. Hopefully, some of these ideas will inspire you and give you a few ideas for how you can implement stones, from river rock to Mexican beach pebbles, in your next landscaping project.

White Pebble Garden Path

You can use smooth white pebbles to create a brilliant sense of contrast in your garden, around your patio, and in other outdoor areas. White stones create a very welcoming landscape and look great with just about any arrangement. You can use them to outline a garden or patio walkway, providing a clear path for foot traffic and separating the walkable areas of your landscaping project from the rest. White stones are among the most versatile of all decorative stones, and they’ve become a staple of modern landscaping for this reason.

Green Jade Pebbles

The calming green shade of these gorgeous beach pebbles is perfect for use with water features or garden arrangements that lean toward the mellow side. Green jade pebbles are great for lining areas you want to appear purposeful without sticking out too much. These are a good option for drawing interest to the natural aspects of your landscape. Green jade also works for low-maintenance areas of a backyard landscape, as you can use the green hue of the stones to make up for the lack of plant life in the area. 

Mixed Gold Pebbles

The soft neutral color of these stones brings a sense of nature to a landscape. They’re reminiscent of river rock, and you can almost imagine they’ve been polished smooth by the force of water currents over many years. The neutral color of these beach pebbles is great for tying together different elements of your backyard landscape. You can use them as a way to make separate elements of your design feel more like part of a cohesive whole. 

Stone Veneer Patio Elements

Stone veneer is a cost-effective way to bring stonework into your backyard patio design. It’s especially effective when paired with complementary stones as accent elements throughout the rest of your landscaping project. You can use stone veneers to outline patio elements such as built-in tables, grill stations, or other small partitions. They come in a wide variety of styles to complement the color of your wooden elements. For a bold look, you can pair a bright stone veneer with wood stained in a darker color or vice versa.

With minimal effort, you can add enormous character and beauty to your backyard with decorative rocks, stones, and beach pebbles. For advice on designing your home’s landscape with river rocks and beach pebbles, reach out to the experts at RS&P Rocks Stones & Pebbles, a premier decorative rock and supply superstore. We specialize in drought-tolerant landscaping materials, including a variety of colored beach pebbles and river rock. To learn how we can help you enhance the exterior of your home, call us today at (866) 380-0580.

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