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What Is River Rock Made Of in San Diego, CA
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River rocks are typically characterized by rounded edges and a flat, textured surface. These landscaping stones are appealing because of minor pits, cracks, and other natural imperfections as well as their durability. Today, we’re sharing some insights into what river rocks are usually made of, since there are some notable variations. Keep reading to learn more about river rock.


In general, river rocks are the kind of decorative rocks found in riverbeds and streams and on beaches. These decorative rocks can be gathered naturally or manufactured to some extent. With materials for the more natural river rocks, granite is common. Granite is naturally formed in a way that results in some appealing qualities and features, including:

• A speckled or banded appearance
• Wide color variations
• Impressive durability

Exploring the color variations a bit more, granite river rocks have hues of varying shades, from polished black river rock to gray, green, white, russet, and purple. This is appealing if you prefer an eye-pleasing contrast in your landscape.

Basalt & Schist

Some river rocks are primarily made of either basalt or schist. Basalt is formed from lava that cools above the surface. These river rocks tend to fall in the gray and green color range. For landscaping purposes, smaller basalt river rocks work well in exterior accessories like fountains and planters. 

Schist is a type of river rock material formed under extreme heat and pressure deeper within the earth’s surface. The result is a banded appearance. Appealing for landscaping because of their smooth edges, schist river rocks are usually available in varying gray hues.

Manufactured River Rocks

These are smaller river rocks manufactured in a way that fine-tunes the finished appearance. For this reason, manufactured river rocks are much smoother in appearance. In this case, the decorative rocks are put into a tumbling device to create a glossy finish. However, you can still have noticeable and visually appealing color variations and striations.

Manufactured river rocks start with quarried natural stone, so there’s still a natural element. When brought to the surface, the stone is cut flat on one side, and the other one has a more natural look. This unique quality makes it easier to put manufactured river rocks up against a flat exterior wall.

Landscaping Uses for River Rocks

Because of the options with river rocks when it comes to materials, there are many landscaping possibilities to consider as you think about where to use these landscaping accessories. One option is to create a decorative rock garden in a space where you prefer not to deal with weeds or a lot of routine upkeep and maintenance. River rocks can fit nicely in other exterior spots as well, including:

• Walkways or garden pathways
• Flower beds
• Areas where you want better drainage control
• Spaces around gardens or other places where borders might work well

No matter what type of landscape you have, rocks, stones, and pebbles can give it a unique touch of beauty, depth, and character. If you’re looking for the greatest assortment of high-quality stones, from pure gold river rock to white pebbles, call on the experienced professionals at RS&P Rock Stones & Pebbles, a premier landscape rock and supply superstore. Contact one of our friendly team members today at (866) 380-0770 to learn how we can help you create the landscape of your dreams.

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