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Rocks River
Category Landscape Rock
When landscaping, you’ll want to choose decorative rock options that are easy to maintain and install without compromising plant protection or appearance. River rocks can help you do just that when you add them to your yard. Below are some advantages of using these stones in landscaping and tips to consider when installing them.

Added Drainage

Water often pools in unwanted spots around a yard, causing various issues. However, installing river rocks could help you maintain proper drainage. The spaces within the river rocks’ structure can hold water, which allows them to protect against typical drainage problems.

Even when you’re trying to avoid overwatering, it could still occur when you’re caring for flowers, bushes, and other plants near the decorative rocks. If this happens, it can lead to dead plants and other issues, including fungus. However, river rocks will absorb the heat and hold it longer. As a result, the stones can protect against root rot and fungus growth.

Reduced Erosion

If drainage happens too quickly, it can prevent you from managing erosion. Therefore, you need to choose landscaping rocks that protect against gravity, water, wind, or ice, and river rocks do just that. River rocks can hold the soil in place and prevent runoff, which can often cause erosion.

Yard areas with steep slopes or no vegetation are the most vulnerable when it comes to erosion damage. However, regardless of where you place the river rocks around your home, they’re an excellent tool for erosion prevention. This includes adding decorative rocks such as white pebbles to a garden, sitting area, or yard space.

Low Maintenance

Erosion issues or the fear of the stones becoming dislodged over time is why many homeowners avoid adding river rocks to their landscapes. River rocks are versatile enough to use in most landscaping, allowing you to create pathways without worrying about all the restructuring and maintenance in the future. River rocks don’t need to be fertilized or watered, regardless of the season, making them a popular low-maintenance choice.


River rocks come in different shapes, sizes, and styles, from polished black river rock to mixed gold pebbles, that boost the visual texture of a landscape. The added value is handy if you ever decide to sell your home or put the property up for rent. With river rocks, you could catch the eyes of potential buyers and renters, making them more eager to see the inside of the house.

Speak with a professional decorative rock supplier who knows how to perfect landscaping with a variety of stones. Doing so allows you to learn how the decorative rocks can add appeal and texture to your yard and how to maintain them without compromising other areas of the yard.

No matter what type of yard you have, you can enhance its character and beauty with a variety of river rock. For advice on designing your home’s landscape with river rocks and beach pebbles, reach out to the experts at RS&P Rocks Stones & Pebbles, a premier landscape rock and supply superstore. We specialize in drought-tolerant landscaping materials, including a variety of colored beach pebbles and river rock. To learn how we can help you enhance the exterior of your home, call us today.

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