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Mexican Beach Pebbles - Arrange Rocks
Category Landscape Rock
Decorative rocks serve a variety of purposes in landscaping, and you can use them to do everything from creating a walkway to enhancing the xeriscaping on your property. Once you’ve decided on a use for the decorative rocks, your next step is to start planning the arrangement. Knowing how to arrange beach pebbles and decorative rocks in your landscape will help you create a long-lasting feature that enhances the beauty of your property.

Start by Choosing & Measuring the Location

The first step in making a beautiful arrangement is to order the correct amount of decorative rocks. You can make this easy by identifying the location for the decorative rock arrangement and taking some simple measurements you can use when you place your order. Keep in mind you’ll want enough decorative rocks to fill in the space without spilling over the boundaries.

Prep the Surface to Hold the Decorative Rocks

Landscaping rocks such as jade, gold, and white pebbles look more natural when they’re slightly below the ground’s surface. Digging a shallow space for the decorative rocks also holds them in place. For most purposes, you’ll want to place decorative rocks at a depth of around two inches. You may need to adjust this depth to fit the size of the decorative rocks you use. Once you’ve dug the spot, you can also put landscaping fabric down to hold the decorative rocks in place and prevent weeds from growing.

Use Edging to Keep Decorative Rocks in Place

Arranging decorative rocks takes time and hard work, and the last thing you want is for them to move around. You can find several options for edging that holds decorative rocks securely in place. You could use large boulders for the most natural look, or you can opt for metal or plastic edging that goes around the perimeter of the rock bed. Edging is especially important if you’re arranging decorative rocks on a slope, where they’ll be more likely to move in response to gravity over time.

Try to Create a Natural Arrangement

The design you use to arrange the decorative rocks depends on the desired effect. Most people use landscaping rocks to create a natural aesthetic that mimics the surrounding land. You can take a cue from nature by allowing the decorative rocks to fall into their random spaces once you begin filling in the designated rock garden area. If you’re decorating a water feature, you might use slightly larger decorative rocks along the furthest edges and place the smaller ones toward the moving water. Making piles of decorative rocks that are higher around plants is another common landscaping technique.

Add Definition with Contrasting Pebbles

Many property owners use various colors of beach pebbles to highlight specific parts of the landscaping. For instance, you might use lighter decorative rocks such as snow-white pebbles to draw attention to a seating area and use darker pebbles to distinguish the perimeter of the space. Or you might choose to line a walkway with decorative rocks that are slightly different from the surrounding ones to guide guests where you want them to go. Having some fun with the landscaping rocks is the perfect way to add some personality to an outdoor area.

No matter what type of landscaping project you’re planning, consider using decorative rocks, stones, or beach pebbles to add depth, character, and beauty to it. When you’re ready to get started on your landscaping plan, reach out to the experts at RS&P Rock Stones & Pebbles, a premier provider of river rock, black polished pebbles, and a wide variety of decorative stones. To learn how we can help you create the landscape of your dreams, call us today at (866) 380-0770.

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