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Mexican Beach Pebbles Grey
Category Landscape Rocks
The search for the perfect landscaping materials can lead you down roads you might not expect. After all, it only takes perusing the selection of landscaping rocks to discover there are many different types. At first, it might be difficult to tell the difference between various decorative rocks, other than the obvious distinction in colors. However, you’ll find knowing what makes Mexican beach pebbles unique can help you make the best decision for your needs.

Look for Authentic Mexican Beach Pebbles

The first thing you’ll need to know is that some companies may simply slap this label on decorative rocks that might not truly be Mexican beach pebbles. Real Mexican beach pebbles are completely natural, which means they’re found on actual beaches rather than being manufactured in a factory. Mexican beach pebbles come from Mexico, as their name indicates. You can typically tell when you have authentic beach pebbles in your hand, since they’ll each have a unique look that includes variations in their color, size, and shape. Manufactured ones tend to be more uniform.

Feel Good about the Source

Authentic beach pebbles from Mexico are also handpicked. This is because the government has established rules that forbid large construction vehicles from destroying the beaches. When you select Mexican beach pebbles, you can feel good knowing the surrounding beach environment was protected throughout the harvesting process.

Use Them to Create a Sense of Serenity

These beach pebbles have a unique smooth surface that comes from being pounded by ocean waves for many years. They also tend to have a flattened round shape that makes them settle into a beautiful pattern in your landscaping design. Although you can find these decorative rocks in a variety of colors, they tend to be found most often in gray shades that add a touch of serenity to outdoor gardens and xeriscaping scenes. Mexican beach pebbles mixed with snow white pebbles work especially well in Japanese rock and Zen gardens.

Add Water to Change the Look

One of the fun things about these decorative rocks is that they transform into a different color when you get them wet. When they’re dry, Mexican beach pebbles are a dull shade of their original color, but their color deepens when you add water. This offers you a way to give your landscape a new look depending upon the time of day or season. For instance, you can look forward to seeing the shine come out of your decorative rocks during the rainy season. If you prefer the wet look, you can also use special sealants to lock in that glossy shine. Consider mixing your Mexican beach pebbles with black polished pebbles for a sleek look.

Take Advantage of Their Smoothness in a Variety of Areas

Mexican beach pebbles are often used on walking paths, since the smooth surface allows for people to walk barefoot without having sharp edges jab their feet. They also work just as well in an aquatic landscaping design as they do as a general ground cover replacement for natural grass. Since these decorative rocks are accustomed to withstanding the forces that exist on a beach, you can also expect them to last for many years wherever you put them in your outdoor areas. 

No matter what kind of landscaping project you’re planning, decorative rocks, stones, and beach pebbles can give it additional depth, character, and beauty. Whether you’re looking for the finest Mexican beach pebbles or an assortment of river rocks, reach out to the experts at RS&P Rock Stones & Pebbles, a premier landscape rock and supply superstore. To learn how we can help you create the landscape of your dreams, call us today at (866) 380-0580.

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