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Beach Pebbles - Landscaping
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Transforming your outdoor area is easier to do with landscaping. You can add more appeal to the front or back of your home, or both, depending on spacing and your preferences. One benefit of landscaping from scratch is being able to create and implement an idea without having to remove things that are already set in place. Whether you’re planting shrubs and trees, incorporating new decking, installing flower beds, or creating pathways using black polished pebbles throughout the yard, you can boost the appearance of your home’s exterior with some carefully planned landscaping.

Create a Blueprint

Starting from scratch doesn’t mean you have to go into the yard with no clue about what you want to do next. Start by making a list of what you want and need. For instance, decide if you plan to use the yard for family gatherings or if you’re going to make your home look more appealing for sale in the future. Once you know your priorities, you can create a blueprint for what to add. Looking at online photos of various landscaping creations and driving through nearby neighborhoods to view other people’s work could come in handy with this step.

Start with a Small Creation

Larger landscaping jobs take time, but if you lack the experience, go small and build up from there, especially when you’re starting from scratch. As you learn more, you can upgrade with less expensive options. Some beginners are unfamiliar with operating large equipment and lack the crew to do big jobs. Therefore, beginning with a small garden can make the process less challenging but allow you to update your landscape without too many avoidable expenses. 

It’s much easier to start with hardscaping before you add living elements to your landscape, especially if you’ll be making adjustments as the seasons change. Hardscaping features such as decorative rocks are more permanent, so whether you’re using Mexican beach pebble or white pebble rock, landscaping will be simpler if you install your decorative rocks at the start of the process.

Make a List of Tools

Push brooms, shears, trimmers, and edgers are some landscaping tools that are helpful if you’re starting from scratch, but most people don’t have these items around their homes. Therefore, you’ll need to make a list of tools to purchase. Before beginning your landscaping work, do some research and verify you have the items necessary to complete your project. If not, locate these before you start. 

Start at the End of the Season

There’s no right or wrong time to start, but there are advantages and disadvantages to putting a landscaping plan into action at the end of a season. One of the benefits of waiting is the discounts you may find as well as access to upcoming trends. You can begin with what’s currently popular and plan for what will be attractive for the next season. This could prevent you from needing to make future changes based on discontinuations. Regardless of when you start, it’s always best to shop ahead for products to ensure you have what you need. 

No matter what kind of landscaping project you’re planning, decorative rocks, stones, and pebbles can give it additional depth, character, and beauty. Whether you’re looking for the finest river rock or gorgeous white pebbles, reach out to the experts at RS&P Rock Stones & Pebbles, a premier landscape rock and supply superstore. To learn how we can help you create the landscape of your dreams, call us today at (866) 380-0770.

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