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Instead of using traditional grass options, you can take advantage of many grassless yard features, often referred to as dryscaping or xeriscaping. These options allow you to decrease maintenance without compromising many decorative options that help a yard maintain its vibrant and healthy feel and appearance. Below are some options for no-grass landscaping projects and ways each selection will benefit your property.


A grassless lawn doesn’t require as many resources as a traditional project. Xeriscaping requires minimal irrigation and water usage. For example, you can still add drought-tolerant plants to your backyard without the need to use fertilizer or herbicides to keep the land looking healthy.

Making the yard maintain its green appeal is something you don’t give up with xeriscaping. To achieve this, you can choose options such as vertical garden walls. Instead of grass on the ground, the garden wall feature will increase the greenery in your yard.

Styling with Crops

Covering their yards with crops is what many people with grassless yards prefer. You can plant vegetables or other crops and watch these beautiful options grow without the need for grass. The crops used for grassless gardens only require water and regular care. You can use the things you plant and grow for dinner, decorations, as gifts for family and friends, or to improve soil quality while repelling different pests.

You can plant these crops in raised beds made of materials such as metal or wood. A grassless crop garden makes soil drainage and other responsibilities less difficult without compromising the type of vegetables, flowers, and other options you decide to grow.

Decorative Rocks & Stones

The most popular no-grass landscaping projects include beach pebbles and decorative rocks. This is due to the stones avoiding water issues caused by runoff and evaporation. Instead, stones can moderate the surface temperatures of moist soil within the ground. If you decide to add plants and other landscaping features, stones can keep your yard looking great without grass and require less work. You can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, such as gold, green, and polished black river rock, giving your yard more options and appeal.

Increased Versatility & Property Value

Using xeriscaping, crop gardens, stones and decorative rocks, and other dryscaping techniques not only lowers maintenance costs, but these no-grass options could also lead to higher property value, as many people are looking for homes with grassless designs. One of the top reasons for the increased value is the additional versatility available outdoors. You can change the colors to seasonal selections, add pots and other dryscaping features, or create outdoor patios using pavers or decorative rocks such as gray or white pebbles.

No matter what type of yard you have, you can enhance its character and beauty with a variety of landscaping stones. For advice on designing your landscape with decorative rocks and beach pebbles, reach out to the experts at RS&P Rocks Stones & Pebbles, a premier landscape rock and supply superstore. We specialize in drought-tolerant landscaping materials, including a variety of colored Mexican beach pebble and river rock. To learn how we can help you enhance the look of your yard, call us today.

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