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If you have landscaping updates or design plans in mind, it’s understandable to skip to the part where you envision the results you hope to get when everything is done. However, when it’s actually time to put your plans into motion, you may feel a bit overwhelmed if you’re not sure just how to start. Today, we’re offering tips on what to do first when landscaping and how to get started with decorative landscaping stones, whether you’re using black polished pebbles or exotic river rock.

Fine-Tune Your Plans

Before you do anything, the very first step is to finalize and fine-tune your landscaping-related plans. You can do this with a hand-drawn sketch, landscape design tools or apps, or simple notes and lists. Regardless of what method you prefer, the landscape design plan you intend to use as a guide should include:

• Your preferences for plants, shrubs, and/or trees
• The types of landscaping stones, decorative rocks, or beach pebbles that appeal to you
• Locations you intend to focus on
• The overall layout if you’re starting from scratch or completely changing what’s already in place

Consider the Big Picture but Start Small

If you already have your plans finalized, another way to get started is to walk around and really look at the spaces you have to work with. The goal here is to envision what you’ll be doing in a more realistic way. This gives you a sort of big picture to keep in the back of your mind, which helps you avoid the common mistake of focusing too much on certain spots.

When you actually get started, the first thing to do is to start small, especially if you have a limited budget for your landscape design plans. By working on smaller parts of your big picture first, you’ll be less stressed and more motivated as you see your plans come to life.

Do the Hardscape Work First

This is where the decorative landscaping stones we mentioned come into play. It’s a lot easier to do your hardscaping work first before you put the living elements into your landscape, especially if you’ll be making some seasonal adjustments. This is because hardscaping features like decorative stones are more permanent. Whether you’re using Mexican beach pebble or white pebble rock, landscaping will be easier if you place your decorative rocks at the beginning of the process. Having your decorative stones set up first also gives you more flexibility with the finishing touches you prefer to add later. With landscaping stones, complete the installation and setup process by:

• Determining exactly where your decorative stones will go
• Preparing the area (e.g., clearing it out, evening out the soil)
• Laying down landscaping cloth to minimize issues with weeds
• Putting your preferred decorative rocks in place

Lastly, feel free to play around with the arrangement or make some adjustments here and there. This way, you’ll be sure your landscaping stones are positioned and placed in a way that appeals to you. You’ll then have a visual guide you can use as the basis for the rest of your landscaping plans.

No matter what kind of landscaping project you’re planning, decorative rocks, stones, and pebbles can give it additional depth, character, and beauty. Whether you’re looking for the finest river rock or gorgeous white pebbles, reach out to the experts at RS&P Rock Stones & Pebbles, a premier landscape rock and supply superstore. To learn how we can help you create the landscape of your dreams, call us today at (866) 380-0770.

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