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River Rocks - Vinegar
Category Landscape Rock
Vinegar is one of those substances that can be used for many purposes around your home. One of these purposes is cleaning landscaping stones in your garden and other places around your home. Vinegar is made up of a natural mixture that has many proven capabilities and benefits. Today, we’re taking a closer look at how vinegar can be used to clean your landscaping rocks, stones, and beach pebbles.

Why Vinegar Works

The reason vinegar works for decorative rocks is because it contains citric acid. This substance removes various materials off landscaping rocks and stones. It’s a handy way to restore luster to stones without too much effort. It’s best to take this step if you’re starting to notice dirt and debris that’s affecting color and making the decorative rocks look a bit tarnished, which is certainly a look you don’t want, especially if you have lighter rocks such as white pebbles.

How to Use Vinegar on Your Rocks

Purchase a premade vinegar paste, then simply apply the paste and scour various surfaces on the landscaping stones that need some attention. You’ll be treated to brighter landscaping stones as a reward for your efforts.

Vinegar can also be used by dumping your discolored or dingy stones directly in a solution. In this case, you’re putting the decorative rocks in a mixture of vinegar and water. You may need to use several buckets to do this, depending on how many landscaping rocks have to be cleaned. Let your decorative rocks sit in the solution for a few hours or more, depending on how much cleaning needs to be done. 

Another option is to apply the vinegar directly on the garden rocks using a spray bottle. The idea here is to do an occasional light cleaning with the vinegar between more significant cleanings.

What to Do if a More Powerful Cleaning Is Needed

If your garden rocks require a more powerful cleaning, you can always use a power washer. The potential drawback is you may end up scattering your decorative rocks all over your yard. Instead, gather up the discolored or dirty decorative rocks, stones, or beach pebbles, place them in a contained area, and clean them off with a garden hose. This is a much easier and safer way to achieve the desired results.

What Causes Garden Rocks to Become Dingy

Several things cause decorative rocks to get dirty and dingy. One of these is normal everyday use and the fact that your garden rocks are exposed to sun, dirt, and other natural phenomena. Seasonal storm debris and exposure to sunlight over time can also cause issues with discoloration, particularly with darker stones such as black polished pebbles.

No matter what type of landscape you have, decorative rocks, stones, or beach pebbles can add immense depth, character, and beauty to it. Whether you need advice on how to keep your decorative rocks clean or you’re ready to get started on your landscaping plan, reach out to the experts at RS&P Rock Stones & Pebbles, a premier provider of river rock, Mexican beach pebble, and a wide variety of decorative stones. To learn how we can help you create the landscape of your dreams, call us today at (866) 380-0770.

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