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Black Mexican Beach Pebbles - Landscaping Rock
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Landscaping rocks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and types that all generate specific effects. Finding landscaping rock for bare feet isn’t difficult, and you’ll love how this material eliminates issues such as mud that can interfere with spending an idyllic day outside. Whether you’re looking to fill in a walkway, create a Zen garden, or cover an area for your kids to play on, these tips will help you find decorative rocks that feel great under bare feet.

Look for Polished Pebbles

Polished pebbles are among the most versatile types of decorative rocks you’ll see used in landscaping designs. Polishing decorative rocks removes any sharp edges that could dig into the soles of your bare feet, and the smooth surface looks beautiful alongside a variety of plants. You can find polished decorative rocks in different colors, and they’re often coated with a light layer of wax or other material that stops dust from accumulating on the surface. If you’re using these decorative rocks near a water feature, you’ll especially love how they recreate the look of river rocks that have been naturally smoothed by the flow of water over time.

Fill the Space with Beach Pebbles

Beach pebbles are naturally rounded and smooth, and they also provide a natural look in outdoor areas. Caribbean beach pebbles tend to come in light shades that mimic the white sand beaches the area is known for. The lighter color of white pebbles also reflects the light, which keeps them cooler in areas that receive full sun. Or you might opt for Mexican beach pebbles that tend to be slightly darker, which can provide a beautiful look to enjoy around the decks of outdoor pools. 

Explore Rocks that Look Best Wet

If you’re running around barefoot outside, it’s possible you’ll be near a water feature. Whether you anticipate some splashing from an outdoor fountain in your meditation garden or you know your kids will be dripping water as they walk back to the house from the pool, it’s fun to choose rocks that look best wet. Decorative rocks such as gray and black polished pebbles tend to take on a darker and shinier hue when they’re wet, and many people even go the extra mile to wet their decorative rocks before they have guests come over. Choosing decorative rocks that have a significant contrast between their wet and dry looks gives your outdoor space a complete makeover every time someone walks through the area

Factor in the Effects of Varying Sizes

Smaller decorative rocks tend to settle closer to each other, which can create a smoother walking space for bare feet. Yet you also want to avoid choosing tiny, gravel-sized decorative rocks that can stick to bare feet or get lodged between your toes. Decorative rocks that are too small will easily be displaced, which can lead to a need to replace them more frequently. The ideal size for decorative rocks you plan to walk on with bare feet is around one to three inches. These will be large enough to create a firm surface to walk on while making sure the pebbles stay in their desired places. 

No matter what type of landscaping project you’re planning, consider using decorative rocks, stones, or beach pebbles to add depth, character, and beauty to it. When you’re ready to get started on your landscaping plan, reach out to the experts at RS&P Rock Stones & Pebbles, a premier provider of polished black river rock, snow-white pebbles, and a wide variety of decorative stones. To learn how we can help you create the landscape of your dreams, call us today at (866) 380-0770.

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