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River Rocks - Black Polished Pebbles
Category Landscape Rock

The right landscaping stones can make a noticeable and welcome difference when it comes to how your outdoor spaces look and function. Offering a uniquely pleasing look and texture, polished black pebbles are one of the more appealing landscape accessories to consider for your exteriors. Before you get started, though, there are some mistakes to avoid with these particular decorative stones as you go about using and placing them.

Only Focusing on the Current Season

Black polished pebbles should complement all the plants and bushes that will be growing in the areas where the beach pebbles will be placed, not just the plants currently blooming or actively growing. Take some time to think about how your living landscape naturally changes throughout the year to determine the best places to use these beach pebbles.

Not Considering Complementary Options

One of the many things to love about black polished pebbles is the many possibilities with mixing and matching. Therefore, another mistake to avoid is not considering decorative stones or beach pebbles that could perfectly complement these beach pebbles in various parts of your landscaped areas and make them stand out even more. Options to consider with mix-and-match possibilities include:

• Smooth white pebbles because of the ability to create an eye-pleasing contrast
• Caribbean beach pebbles, which have attractive natural “flaws” that can be a good contrast to the polished black pebbles
Mexican beach pebbles because of their natural gray hue that also blends in well with black polished pebbles

Not Considering All the Possibilities with Placement

Once you find landscaping stones that appeal to you, it’s easy to get overly focused on certain areas where you think black polished pebbles will work well. The mistake here is not fully considering all the possible locations within your landscaped areas where these beach pebbles could be a welcome addition. With polished black pebbles, landscaping can be a truly creative endeavor. Because of their smaller size, black polished pebbles can be a nice fit in any of the following areas:

• Areas immediately around trees as long as there’s sufficient drainage
• Dirt-covered areas around shrubs or bushes adjacent to your home
• Within flower beds
• Inside larger potted plant containers, especially ones you usually put on your deck, porch, or patio
• Alongside walkways or paths
• Areas where an attractive border can enhance any decorative stones or beach pebbles you may already have in place

Forgetting Landscaping Fabric

This one applies to any landscaping pebbles or decorative stones you use. Landscaping fabric is important because it’s what deters weed growth and keeps the beach pebbles from being overgrown with unwanted growth. Look for fabric that allows for sufficient drainage and air flow for your plants, bushes, or trees.

Not Getting Enough Beach Pebbles

Lastly, make sure to get enough black polished pebbles for your landscape design plans. Do this by looking at some important factors once you’ve decided where you’ll be placing these beach pebbles. The top ones we recommend paying attention to include:

• Depth of the area(s) where the beach pebbles will be located
• Length and width of all areas where these beach pebbles will be placed
• How you plan to spread or stack the beach pebbles No matter what type of landscaping project you’re planning, consider using decorative rocks, stones, or beach pebbles to add depth, character, and beauty to it. When you’re ready to get started on your landscaping plan, reach out to the experts at RS&P Rock Stones & Pebbles, a premier provider of polished black river rock, snow white pebbles, and a wide variety of decorative stones. To learn how we can help you create the landscape of your dreams, call us today at (866) 380-0580.

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